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We’re based in The Avendale Church Hall, Kirk Street, Strathaven.

It is a Drama based class. The main focus is on the Technic of Acting.  Helping you to build a tool box of skills to bring to your Character based work.

In coming to the class you need to understand we operate a safe place for everyone to express themselves. No judgement just tolerance, respect and understanding.

Classes works best when all members of the group trust each other and feel at ease together.  Thus ensuring everyone is prepared to listen, speak out and to offer and accept new ideas.  Giving criticism without putting others down and accepting criticism without becoming upset are essential for effective group work.  All members should be unafraid to express opinions but be sensitive to the others in the group.

Co-operation is the best way to share ideas and build the action. Everyone needs to attend the class every week.  Group work solely depends of trust.  This soon breaks down when members are unreliable, arrive late or leave early.

Making a strong commitment to the group is essential.  This will make the Drama more enjoyable and rewarding for everyone.  Success depends upon how seriously you commit to the group and the dramatic action we create together.